David Gray MBA

gray-7840Principal consultant, Dave Gray MBA, based in Toronto ON, heads the overall Dolphin Striker Group Executive Coaching practice.

During the past twelve years, based initially in London UK, and then in Toronto Canada, Dave has worked with executive level clients (Board Chair, CEO, CFO, COO) based in North America, Europe and Asia.

Certified in Cascade Coaching, MBTI, Facet5, Hogan Leadership and StressScan, Dave is also the 90-Day Onboarding Coach for Fulcrum Search Science Executive Recruitment in Toronto.

Dave served as Chair, Board of Directors, The Association of Career Professionals (ACP) International, Toronto Network in 2009 and 2010 and Past Chair in 2011, and has been a guest speaker several times on CFRB 1010 radio. Previously, Dave was based in Edinburgh with overall responsibility for the Scottish Region of Impact Plus PLC, Business & Technology Consulting; and started up and managed two Divisions (Large Group Marketing Support, and Advantage Dental) for the Canadian affiliate of Prudential of America.

In addition to his international coaching work, Dave has worked with executive coaching clients in the following career positions:

Financial Services

  • Board Chair, CEO, and VP level executives in Canadian insurance companies.
  • Global Head, SVP, VP and Director level executives in “Big 5” Canadian banks.


  • CA’s, CMA’s CFA’s, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers.

Media & Communications

  • VP, Director, and Executive Producer level executives in traditional broadcasting; new media; advertising; and related marketing and sales roles.

Information Technology

  • VP and Director level executives.

Applied and Theoretical Sciences

  • VP and Director level executives, each with a PhD, working in: astrophysics; neuroscience; healthcare administration; and data mining respectively.


  • CEO, VP level executives in multi-national retail corporations.

Government, Military & IT Corporate Security:

  • Senior Canadian government officials;
  • Retired Canadian MP’s; Ontario MPP’s;
  • Retired military officers in the Canadian and British forces up to and including general officer ranks, a number of whom saw action in The Troubles, the Balkans conflicts, the Persian Gulf War and/or Afghanistan.