We specialize in two areas: Executive Coaching and Career Consulting. The Coaching practice focuses primarily on increasing effective Leadership and Communication skills. Within the Career Consulting practice, we also provide Employers and Insurers with complex Case Management services.

Although a crucial element in helping attain career transition success, due to the cost factor many firms offer only limited one-to-one coaching. Often, no coach is assigned beyond the initial three meetings. Group workshops, online services and printed materials make up the bulk of the offering as opposed to dedicated one-to-one coaching.

The key differentiators of Dolphin Striker Group are:

  1. More than 80% of our Career Transition work has been as a result of client referrals!
  2. In addition to our total emphasis on successful outcomes (Quality and Service), due to our flattened structure and thus lower overheads we are also extremely Cost-competitive.
  3. Complete commitment to work with each individual Client to a successful outcome, regardless of amount of Dolphin Striker Group resources required achieving that success. We work to project completion – not to an internal, undisclosed, pro-rated hourly rate schedule.
  4. Success rate is:
    • High at over 90% success within 12 months
    • Fast at 5 – 8 months success for 70% of clients
  5. Customized, substantial one-to-one approach to support Client’s career transition with:
    • Consistent quality
    • Personal attention
    • Professional competence and commitment
  6. Holistic, well-rounded approach that takes multiple facets of an individual Client’s work and life circumstances into consideration including:
    • Assistance in dealing with the emotional process of transitioning to a different work environment
    • Understanding other industry cultures – nonprofit/corporate culture/government
  7. Breadth of Assessment techniques and tools, including online
  8. Depth of Associate experience in business as well as:
    • Coaching
    • Business consulting
    • Academia
  9. We work with the Client (as opposed to telling the Client what to do and then sending them home to try to figure it all out on their own) to draft:
    • Résumés
    • Cover Letters
  10. Quality is consistent as all Dolphin Striker Group Associates have a genuine vested interest in Client success
  11. Flexible with Associates in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa and Vancouver
  12. International business and consulting experience within the Dolphin Striker Group.

The Bottom Line

We offer highly responsive and effective service at competitive rates. And we are proud of our unrelenting and uncompromising focus on quality and achievement of the agreed upon goals. We offer a highly responsive and effective service on a national basis at competitive rates and take full responsibility to get the job done right.

David Gray MBA