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  • Alastair Mills-McEwan
    Alastair Mills-McEwan, ISEB
    Senior consultant, based in Ottawa ON, heads Dolphin Striker Group in Eastern Canada (Ottawa and points east).
  • Sandra Bobkin
    Sandra Bobkin, MEd
    Senior consultant, based in Toronto ON, heads the Dolphin Striker Group Psychological and Personality Assessment practice
  • David Moulton
    David Moulton MA
    Managing consultant, heads Dolphin Striker Group in Western Canada (Winnipeg and points west).
  • Dave Gray
    Dave Gray MBA
    Principal consultant, heads the overall Dolphin Striker Group Executive Coaching practice.
  • John Wilson
    John Wilson
    Director, career management, heads Dolphin Striker Group consulting in the GTA West (Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville).
  • Adam Halpern
    Adam Halpern BA
    Heads Sales & Marketing for Dolphin Striker Group in Eastern Canada (GTA and points east

Change and leadership mindsets

Strategic options dealing with conceptual ambiguity in: Perspectives / Thought processes / Analytic approaches in order to effectively navigate complex decision-making situations within professional and general life contexts.

Interpersonal adaptability

Relationship management skills required to successfully influence a broad spectrum of Stakeholders throughout business and social environments.


Mind-set reframing with regard to: Open-ended discussions / Unanchored outcomes / Unresolved issues Conflict management / Negotiation and resolution / Abstract, unconventional and lateral thinking Conceptual approaches to tactical goals and less tangible objectives.

Awareness and analysis of underlying requirements

Developing awareness and macro understanding of underlying client and/or organizational requirements, then leveraging resulting insights to compliment analytic capabilities.

Time management and delegation

Methodologies to ensure appropriate prioritization and work/life balance.

Refined action plans

Establishing new objectives based on reviews of successes and challenges.

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